Whether your team is being impacted by COVID-19 or if you simply have partners in distant areas it is important to communicate and collaborate with them on a regular basis. Remote communication is more important than ever before. Today we’ll talk about three great options for seamless remote communication, coming up next …

With so many employees working from home right now, most businesses have a pressing need for a system that allows them their team to communicate with each other anywhere in the world. Here are three great options to consider:

Number 1) Skype – Owned by Microsoft, Skype is probably the best-known messaging solution out there. Since acquiring the company, Microsoft has worked hard to integrate it with the rest of their business and productivity tools. It’s easy to use, and you can try it out for free to arrange one on one or group chats, voice communications, video conferencing, file sharing, and more. There’s also a subscription service available that unlocks even more possibilities.

Number 2) Zoom – A relative newcomer to the field, Zoom burst onto the scene in 2011, offering a robust, cloud-based platform for text and video-based conferencing and file sharing. As with Skype, both free and paid versions are available, giving you an easy way to test it out so you can decide if it’s the solution you’re looking for.

Number 3) GoToMeeting – If you have a need to connect large groups of people, numbering in the hundreds, GoToMeeting is the solution for you. This is a subscription-based service, but the rates are incredibly low and if you’re new to GoToMeeting, the company does offer a 14-day free trial, which gives you enough time to explore what the service has to offer.

A work from home environment can allow for flexibility that allows your business to continue to thrive during challenging times. These remote communication tools can have you seamlessly collaborating in no time. If you have questions about other ways your team can work work remotely, give us a call. We're glad to help.

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