Sometimes the only solution for Apple computer repair is to haul the computer off-site and wait a week to get the machine back. It’s a huge, costly hassle, especially since you only have a single computer with a problem. Since your company is busy and you don’t always have time to deal with such a process, consider Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions located in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, or the Washington DC Metro area. We provide on-site computer repair for Mac-centric offices, and our team of professionals can solve any issue you are having without moving your computer more than a few feet.

Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions’ on-site computer repair services include:

  • Basic Maintenance – While we’re fixing your Mac’s main issue, we’ll perform any upgrades that need to be done at no extra cost.
  • Professional, Timely Services – We won’t waste time while we’re getting the job done. We will be in and out of your office before you know it.
  • Recovery of Your Data – When your Mac stops working, we’ll get all of the data saved before working on it to guarantee it’s still there once the computer is running again.

You’ll never have to worry about hauling a computer anywhere with Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions; we’ll come to you. Call us today for more information.