Tax time is always stressful. The combination of having to gather the records you’ve been keeping all year and the looming deadline can get the best of just about anyone. In this video, we’ll give you three quick tips that will help make this year’s tax season less stressful, coming up next.

Getting your taxes done on time is a major stress point for millions of Americans, especially business owners. It doesn’t have to be. Just follow these quick tips.

1) Be Proactive – The single biggest reason people tend to get stressed out is that while they may start strong by keeping good records in the early on, record keeping tends to fall by the wayside. As tax time draws near, there’s a mad dash to catch the record-keeping up to get ready to file. That’s a huge mistake. Make good record keeping all year long a priority.

2) Hire a Professional – Tax codes can feel like an impossible maze to anyone who doesn’t work with them all the time. Sometimes it’s best to consider delegating to a professional. Sure, it costs a little extra, but most everyone agrees that the time and stress it saves makes it a worthwhile expense.

3) Ask Questions – When you hire a tax professional, be sure to pick his or her brain, asking questions that will help you map out a comprehensive tax and record keeping strategy for the following year, and then build that plan into your record keeping for the next tax year. Since the tax code changes frequently, be sure to have that conversation every year so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

While following the three tips above won’t take all the sting out of doing taxes, they will go a long way toward making the process a lot less stressful and time consuming. Technology can be a lot like taxes. Sometimes calling for some help is a good idea. If you have questions about your company’s technology needs, give us a call. We’re glad to help.

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