When social media is just too much for you, or you feel pressured to perform on a social media platform, sometimes it feels like shutting down your Facebook or Twitter is a better choice. Still, you can get tons of leads from Facebook and Twitter, and having them active is a good idea. So how do you cut down on the stress of them without eliminating them completely?

Schedule Time for your Social Media Management

Instead of having alerts set on your phone to go off whenever someone posts something to your wall or messages you, schedule a time to interact with your fanbase. It is much easier to take an hour a day before you go home to answer all of your comments than it is to answer them constantly throughout the day. That way, they’re not interfering with all of your other work and your clients still get answered in a reasonable amount of time.

Personal is Different than Professional

Don’t ever use your own personal Twitter or Facebook account as your social relations account. Make sure you make your company’s page distinctly different from the account you use. Not only does this guarantee no one can come after you if they have complaints, it’ll guarantee you don’t do anything you don’t want your customers to see while you’re browsing Facebook or another social media platform.

Limit Yourself

The key to life is moderation. It’s also the key to business. If spending two hours a day on Facebook is too much for you, or spending many ten minute breaks answering questions on LinkedIn is interfering with your work and raising your blood pressure, practice moderation. Take smaller amounts of time to do everything you need to do, and then leave it alone and focus on other important