It’s likely, since you have a business, that you have a tablet or smartphone to keep up with that business when you’re on the run. Whether you’re having lunch with a friend or waiting for a plane to take off, you’re probably doing something on your device, even if it’s just relaxing with your favorite game. But because our phones have become repositories of information and hubs of entertainment as well as our pocket secretaries, sometimes we have a little bit of trouble remembering to be productive. Here are just a few of the apps that can help you get back on track when you need to.


Do you have an excellent idea and hate typing on your small screen? No problem. Instead of recording it in text, you can record it in your voice. Basically, QuickVoice is a tape recorder for your phone. If you have any sort of idea or suggestion, you can just record and save. You can even send small voice messages straight to your email for free.


You might not think finding good parking really matters, but while you’re searching for a good spot, you could be doing a number of other things instead. Make it easy, and download BestParking. The app currently covers some seventy cities and 110 airports in the US with more coming in the next few months. Just type in the city and it will find local parking structures and lots, putting those with the lowest prices first.


When you need to talk to people on the go but don’t want to waste your minutes, Skype is the solution for you. All you have to do is sign into your free account and you can instantly make calls to and from other Skype members. If you want to have your own phone number and call other phones as well, you can pay a ridiculously low fee per month to let you connect to just about anyone. You can conference call, share files and instant message, too.

Not every app is going to help you in the same way that another may, but they all have their uses, and it’s always a smart decision to figure out if they can make your life easier with a simple click of the “install” button.