browseAdding videos to your marketing strategy can be a great way to entice more business to your company. Not only can videos help you connect with new customers, it can help sell products and explain services. Regardless if you’re planning on hiring someone or if you’d prefer doing the videos yourself, there are a few things your videos should always do.

Make a Believable Story

You don’t need to tell an actual story – that is, you don’t need to have a narrator talking about Emily and John down the road. Even so, your video should have a beginning, middle, and end, and they should all be extremely distinct, even if your video is just about a new product. Your “narrative” should flow, and you should have an introduction and a summary at the end to help reiterate the idea you were trying to get across. This is even more important for videos that present a situation that can only be solved by your product or service, so it’s clear exactly what you’re selling and what it’s for.

Cutting is an Excellent Skill

If you’re learning how to do your own videos, it’s even more important you understand how useful a cut here and there can be. You don’t want to jar your audience between segments, but segments are still essential. Editing software has become extremely intuitive these days, and deleting seconds or minutes of videos is a cinch. You can tell different stories depending on the cuts you make, and simple transitions can make an otherwise substandard video shine. Don’t overdo your cuts or your transitions, however, and try not to make it too flashy because you may get the wrong kind of attention if you do.

Graphic Elements

Good graphic elements are difficult to do unless you have experience, so don’t be afraid to hire someone to add some interesting graphical content. Text, photographs, music, and pictographs can all make a video much more interesting and will often capture your audience’s attention better than someone’s face will. However, make sure all the graphics and even the music you choose, are okay to use. Either design the graphics yourself (or pay someone else to do it), pay the required royalties or ensure what you’re using is royalty-free.

Script it Out

Scripts can be boring, but a well-written script (even if you just use it as a guide) can be essential in creating a quality, well-rehearsed video. It will help keep your narrative straight in addition to giving you something to say, so you don’t stumble over your own words. Make sure you at least have a draft of a script before you start to film because a script is easily revised and changed depending on what you need.

An engaging video doesn’t have to be mysterious, and it certainly doesn’t need to be difficult. Some creativity, aid from a professional, and a bit of research will get you a long way towards creating a quality video that you can use for years to come.

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