Recent research indicates that the vast majority of people – some 96% - won’t ever complain about something they didn’t enjoy at a business. Some say they don’t like the conflict while others just say they don’t have the necessary energy. Here are two things that your customers will definitely tell other people about but won’t tell you unless you ask.


A lot of places don’t realize when their facility is getting old, but customers almost always do – and they notice the minute they walk in the door. Ugly carpets, scratched glass, ugly restrooms – you name it, they’ll notice it. Think about it: how often have you gone into a bathroom that hasn’t been restocked with soap or paper towels? Maybe you’ve walked into a business and it smelled like a place that people used to smoke. The people who own places like this are immune to it, but it’s important you tell them.

Ugly Employees

Sometimes you hire someone because they appear to be a good person but, as soon as you turn your back, they aren’t. But how are you supposed to figure that out if people aren’t telling you? If a customer leaves you for another company and you never ask why, you’ll never know why they left. Most people won’t complain about rude employees unless they’re so incredibly rude that you can’t tolerate a moment more around them. The ones that aren’t as attentive as they should be or socially awkward don’t usually get a direct complaint, but oftentimes someone will speak up if they are simply asked.