Even though Kickstarter success stories are usually for small underdog-type businesses, your business can still succeed if you choose to use it. There are stories of people starting Kickstarter campaigns and making thousands upon thousands of dollars in just a few short days or weeks. However, the difference between those companies and the ones that don’t even make a single penny are astounding, and they’re important to consider when starting your own Kickstarter campaign.

You Should Have a Strong Network of Supporters

It may feel a little counter-intuitive to do all the work building the community for a business beforefiguring out how to fund the business itself, but the truth is that the more people you have supporting it, the more luck you’ll have building up a Kickstarter campaign and getting it to take off. Some campaigns take months or years of building to get them going correctly. Although many of the people you’ll be asking to help are personal connections and friends, those are still people who can help you make your business happen.

Prepare Stories Ahead of Time

A magazine or a newspaper may only be read once or twice a week by a person, so the stories can be eternal. It’s more important they really make a deep impression on their readers. But blogging is much different. You need constant content to really capture an audience. But that information can be educational, entertaining, or persuading. It should all help your cause, but it doesn’t all need to be directly about it. If your product is meant to appeal to people who are environmentally friendly, you can write about anything that has to do with going green.

No matter what you do, make sure you’re prepared. You should have customer service agents ready to cover the amount of action you may get from your campaign. Make sure you have answers for your FAQ and that you’re ready to update your Kickstarter regularly in addition to having plenty of stories and a good network of supporters.