When you’re hiring someone new to work for your company, you’re probably looking for specific qualities and features from those you interview. To look for those features, you probably ask certain questions and gauge how good they are for your company by their answers. But are you asking the right questions? Check the questions below to see if you are.

How Do You See Yourself Contributing to This Company?

You want to know how someone is going to make your company better, plain and simple. If they’ve done a little research about your company, this is where they may be able to tie their strengths into your company’s weaknesses. For example, if they looked at your website and noticed that your landing page doesn’t have a call-to-action, they can mention that in their interview and you’ll know they actually did a bit of research.

How are You Going to Make Our Company Stronger?

You want to choose someone who is going to add big things to your company, even if they do that moment by moment. You want to look for someone who knows all about your company because they’ve bothered to do a lot of research, and in doing so have found important ways they can add to your company. In addition, you want to find someone who knows what they’re talking about, even if they don’t have any experience in your industry (because they’re good at research). Le the person talk about which qualities of theirs really add to your company and your brand. This should be one of those questions that catches them off guard, so you know you’ll get an honest answer.

Interviews are stressful for all involved, but stresses can sometimes cause people to shine. Be sure you're helping your potentials shine through, instead of hindering them.