ID-10037278Let’s face it: you can use social media, SEO, and marketing all that you want, but you don’t have everything you need if customers aren’t bringing their friends your way. While other forms of marketing do contribute to the positive growth of your company, nothing is worth the amazing power of good impressions and recommendations. So how do you encourage this kind of sharing behavior?

Figure Out Who Will Be the Best Advertiser for You

While you want to treat every single one of your customers in the same manner, sometimes we get someone in the door that does something that could help us. Sometimes it’s someone who does a lot of popular YouTube videos, or maybe it’s an artist with a popular website. Give these individuals a special chance to team up with you by giving them the tools to have a contest that’s sponsored by you. This kind of thing will suit you both, and may result in a long-term partnership.

Use a Strong Referral Program

Even when you do a good job, people don’t always refer business to you. Sometimes that’s because they forget, or don’t find the opportunity to do so. A referral program is a great way to spur on people who may feel more motivated when something’s at stake and they get rewarded for their hard work. Make it easy – like using a referral code – and you’ll likely see an increase in traffic.

Create Organic Word-of-Mouth Referrals by Being Amazing

While the two tips above definitely help you create the referrals that you crave, one of the best ways to see more business walk in your door is to simply ensure you’re doing everything to guarantee it happens. When you do amazing things, people remember you. If you do amazing things consistently, more people will remember you. They will compliment you to others because they think you do a great job in your niche.

Word of mouth referrals may seem difficult at first, but a little persistence, searching, and good customer service goes a long way.