1133804_sign_success_and_failureLooking for creative ways to reward your employees when you know they deserve something special? Check out the tips below to see if you can use them in your workplace to show your employees that they matter to you.

Better Parking Spots

If your office is a larger one – or you don’t have a very big parking lot – good parking spots may be of value to your employees. Consider offering a special parking spot to an ‘employee-of-the-month’. The next month, choose another excellent employee to have the best spot in the lot. Keep the spot open for the best employee of the month so you can always keep the contest going.

Have Some Takeout

You can reward specific people or departments with lunch as well. It doesn’t have to be pizza, but taking exceptional employees out to a nice lunch for a few hours can make everyone feel good. If there’s just a single employee whom you’d like to reward, you can do so by allowing the employee to bring friends along and paying for the whole deal.

Could They Use a Membership?

Maybe a particular employee loves the gym but can’t afford it, and another has a large family and can’t always handle the yearly membership fee for bulk food warehouses. Reward those hard-working employees with memberships to a place of their choice. You can write it off as an employee-development expense, and the employee gets what they’ve wanted but could never afford.

Give Them Half a Day Off

You may not be able to afford to have your employees go home for the entire day, but give them part of a day off. Call them in the morning and tell them they don’t need to come in until noon, and that they’ll still get paid for the full shift.