We all want to make sure that our websites are comprehensive and answer all of our customer’s questions. But what if they have questions that can’t be answered so simply? For example, what if they want to know what your employees are like when they’re at work? What if they want to know what others think of your company? These are FAQ’s we can’t just answer and forget; we have to constantly work on the answers to ensure the best customer experience. Check out the questions below to make sure you’ve answered them on your website.

How Do I Know This is The Right Product for Me?

Part of knowing that a product is right for you is being able to test it, feel it out, and see what others think about it. It also helps if you’ve written blogs about it or have a product FAQ that helps define the product so potential customers can make a very educated decision.

What About Your Return Policy? What if I Don’t Like This Service/Product?

Your return policy should be more than just a page full of complicated warranty plans and ideas. Instead, it should be straightforward, easy to understand, and customer-friendly. Make sure your return policy is at least as good as your competitor’s, and preferably better.

Do You Serve My Area? Do You Ship to My Area? Do you Work in My Area?

People who are looking into small business are probably trying to support their local businesses. After all, they could likely get what they’re looking for at a bigger, more established place or store. So why did they come to you? Maybe for the personal feel or local focus. Whatever the reason, make sure you appeal to local business – and ship to businesses farther away.