Remote workers are a great way to increase employee staffing with less overhead than traditional in-house employees. Unfortunately working remotely also brings along new security issues. We'll talk about 3 steps that you can take to help keep your employees, and your data, safe while working remotely, coming up next.

Working from home has almost become a standard for many job roles at companies across the nation. Given the vast number of workers that are now working remotely, it has become increasingly important to ensure the protection of company data. Here are 3 ways that you can help keep your data safe, in the hands of your remote workers.

Number 1: Train Your Employees. The first step in keeping any company data secure is to make sure that your team is properly trained. Security is a part of everyone's responsibility but remote workers are more likely to put your data at risk. Training can help your workers spot issues such as phishing emails, and can also help them learn the benefits of securing their own network and devices.

Number 2: Require a VPN. A virtual private network is a service that secures your data using an encrypted tunnel. Using a VPN will allow your remote workers to connect to your company's internal network. This end-to-end encryption prevents man-in-the-middle type attacks which are designed to steal user data. Using a VPN is even more important when using insecure or unfamiliar connections such as public Wi-Fi.

Number 3: Enforce 2FA. Two factor authentication, or 2FA is a method that allows a user to confirm their login identity by using a second validation method, such as a text message, or email. Passwords alone are no longer enough to keep your accounts safe. Be sure to enable 2FA for any services that offer it.

By following these simple tips you will be on your way to helping keep your company data, and employees, secure and safe. If you have questions about how we can help keep your data safe, give our team a call, we're happy to help.

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