How much do you value privacy? If it’s important to you, then you’re going to love this video because in a moment, we’ll reveal three simple ways you can better secure your data from prying eyes, coming up next…

2020 saw a record number of hacks and data breaches. 2021 will probably eclipse last year’s total. Doing all you can to protect your privacy and secure your data has never been more important. Here are three quick strategies you can use to better guard your data and keep it secure:

1 – Employ Two-Factor Authentication. Much of our most sensitive data is protected by password on a cloud-based service. Unfortunately, passwords can be easy to crack. That’s why more cloud-based services are offering two-factor authentication. It provides an added layer of security that makes it much less likely that your data can be compromised. You should take advantage of it, anywhere it’s offered.

2- Beware of Email Phishing Attacks. Because of its effectiveness, phishing is a popular form of cybercrime. The goal is to get a victim to click on fraudulent web page, open an infected attachment, or simply trick you into revealing personal data. Before you respond to suspicious emails asking you do to these things, contact the person who sent the message via SMS or telephone to confirm the message's legitimacy.

3 – Don’t Use Unsecure WiFi – Anytime you make use of public WiFi, you run the risk of prying eyes, both from people sitting physically near you, and from hackers employing “man in the middle” attacks, both of which can result in the compromise of your data. When traveling try to employ the use of a Virtual Private Network to protect your sensitive data.

Hackers work tirelessly to steal your private data. Being vigilant can help protect you from financial or personal disaster. If you follow the tips we outlined above, you’ll be off to a very strong start. If you have questions about other ways to protect your company data, give our team a call. We are happy to help.

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