With so many people working from home these days, there’s a very real concern that in the absence of regular face to face communication, signals will get crossed. In this video, we’ll outline three simple strategies you can adopt to make sure that doesn’t happen, coming up next…

If you’re used to a more structured workday that involves going into the office and having face to face communications, you may find yourself frustrated by the fact that your emails and other messages are being misinterpreted. To minimize that, here are three simple and effective things you can do to communicate effectively with your remote workers:

Number 1: Clear Concise Messaging

The first rule of remote communications is to keep it simple. If you’re not in the habit of doing that, get in the habit of expressing a single point or idea in each message you send so there’s no way the point can be lost or misunderstood.

Number 2: Set Expectations

One thing that many people overlook is the importance of setting expectations any time your work environment changes. Many organizations are going through a big change so it’s a good idea to take a moment to regroup and reset expectations until everyone has time to adjust.

Number 3: Call or Video Conference

The written word is fantastic but sometimes nuance can get lost in an email. If you’re worried about that happening, there’s an easy fix. Pick up the phone, or use FaceTime, Skype, or another video-based communication service. Being able to see and hear the person you’re talking with will not only help ensure clearer communications, but it’ll also go a long way toward making you feel less isolated if you’re working from home.

Put these three tips into practice, starting today, and the quality and clarity of your communications will see a dramatic improvement.

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