Keeping your computers virus free seems like a hassle. Too often, people roll the dice with security and virus protection hoping they won’t get infected, but many times they are compromised and don’t even know it. This puts sensitive information like banking records, credit cards, and passwords at risk. If you are a business that stores any of this information you not only put yourself at risk, but your clients as well. Let’s look at a few ways to protect yourself and your important data from viruses, coming up next.

As the hackers get more advanced, so do the viruses that they create. Protecting your valuable information and computer resources has never been more important than it is today. Here are three ways to avoid getting a virus on your computer.

1. Use Antivirus Software – First and foremost you should always use some type of antivirus software. Though there is no 100% foolproof way of avoiding viruses, employing a trusted antivirus solution will provide a first line of defense against known viruses. Always keep your antivirus subscription current or you may risk losing out on protection from newer viruses.

2. Download Only From Trusted Sites – The internet gives us immediate access to software, music, movies, and more. Though downloading these items is very convenient, it can also be very dangerous. Be sure to only download from trusted and well-known sites. Compromised downloads can contain viruses, malware, and spyware that can install itself on your computer, potentially wreaking havoc and causing problems with your system.

3. Scan Email Attachments – Email has become a convenient tool for business and personal communications, and for this reason it has also become a favorite tool for spreading viruses. Almost 60% of email is spam and phishing attempts. These emails often carry viruses and appear to be from trusted companies or people you know. It is important to verify every email for legitimacy, and to only click on links or attachments when you are absolutely sure they are free of viruses.

By utilizing these simple tips, you can increase your chances of avoiding viruses and keeping your computer in top running condition. If you believe you may have a virus or haven’t had a scan in some time, give our team a call.

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