How many times have you been traveling to a business event or visiting someone just to realize you didn’t have the right cable with you? With all the different devices we use for business, having the right cable could mean the difference between a happy productive day or a frustrating one. For this reason, having the right cables available is important to ensuring you can always keep your devices running and accessible. We’ll share some common cables that are good to have on hand, coming up next.

If you want to keep your devices up and running or if you just want to thoughtful for people who forget their own cable, here are the three cables you should always have on hand.

1. Micro USB – It could be argued that Micro USB is the most important cable to have on hand at any time. Micro USB has been the de facto standard for smartphones, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth speakers and thousands of devices on the market. Though newer devices my use a more modern connection, Micro USB remains to be a strong force especially for Android based devices.

2. HDMI – HDMI is the current standard for hooking devices to video displays. Devices such as blu-ray players, dvd systems, cameras, video game systems, and even computers and connect TVs and Monitors through an HDMI cable. Manufacturers used to include HDMI cables with new devices but many have stopped this practice. This means that having a spare HDMI cable could be the difference between using your new device or running to the store to get a missing cable.

3. USB C - USB C is a fairly new cable type but it is winning the hearts of manufacturers and consumers alike. Many new computers, cameras, and even smartphones are shipping with this newer cable type. USB C can power a wide range of devices because it can carry a larger amount of power and transmits data faster. One of the biggest advantages to USB C is that it can be inserted in any direction meaning less fumbling and less broken cables or devices.

4. Lightning cable – Fans of Apple devices know that being without a lightning cable could mean the inability to transfer data or lose power and be separated from the world. If you or your friends use Apple devices, a Lightning cable would also be a smart choice to keep on hand.

Though there are many types of cable and cable standards, knowing your cables and having the right cables on hand can keep you, your friends, and your guests going with powered, functional devices. If technology issues are causing you trouble, remember to give our team a call.

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