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Have you ever seen a popup window on your computer that said something like “you are infected” or “call now to activate your Windows” and it wouldn’t let you click out of the screen? Often these windows will include a phone number for you to get help. The problem is these are often a scam. Today we’ll talk about three ways you can avoid fake tech support scams. Coming up next.

With continuous updates to modern software, it is becoming difficult to know what notifications are real and which are scams. Here are 3 things you should look for to avoid a tech support scam.

1. Question Everything – If it seems wrong or fishy it probably is. The groups running these scams have become very advanced. What you see on your screen looks very official, and if you happen to call a number, the fake “tech support” people you talk with will likely be very friendly and professional. That’s why it is a good idea to have a credible local support company you trust to call for advice.

2. Do Not Give Payment Information – Most scams are looking for 2 things, to steal personal information from your computer and to get your financial information to steal money. For this reason you should never give out your payment information unless you completely trust and know who you’re dealing with.

3. Don’t Panic – These scams often involve fake legal threats and threaten to hold your data hostage. It’s easy to understand wanting to do whatever it takes to get your computer back, especially if you are under a deadline or need to access important documents. The key here is to not do something rash like paying a ransom or calling a number on the screen. Make sure to get a second opinion before doing so from a trusted technician.

Unfortunately, scams and malware aren’t going away. If anything, they are getting more sophisticated. If your computers and networks aren’t performing the way they should or if you find unusual popups on your computer, it is best to have a local professional you can trust examine your computer. If you need quality, professional support from someone you can trust, we are glad to help. Give our team a call.

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