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Audits. Nobody likes them, and often, the mere mention of an audit is enough to make you cringe. All audits aren’t the same however and technology audits specifically, can be great opportunities. They can highlight potential points of weakness that when corrected, can enhance your bottom line. Let’s look at some ways technology audits can help your business, coming up next.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your network audited, you might just be missing ways to save your company big money. Here are a few ways that a network audit can improve your bottom line:

1. Less Downtime - If your network isn’t properly configured it can have a negative impact on employee productivity. Your own technology might be working against you. Once corrected, your productivity improves, adding to your overall revenue.

2. Identifying Security Risks - If you have machines without the latest security patches, you might be making it easy for hackers to access and wreak havoc on your network. This could cost your company big time. One of the best ways a network audit can help is by identifying issues with your network security that can then be resolved by your IT service provider.

3. Backup Assurance – You may have a data backup plan in place, but is it working the way you think it is? An audit can expose potential issues with your current backup solution and prevent your business from losing all of your mission-critical data.

A technology audit can provide you a window into the inner workings of your computers and networks that you just can’t get by other means. Having a qualified network consultant regularly assess and audit your network’s integrity can benefit you financially and provide a better piece of mind knowing everything is running at top performance.

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