traffic-sign-209196_640The next time you get an offer to buy Likes for your company’s Facebook page, it would be wise for you to simply move on. More often than not, these offers to purchase Likes are simply run by scammers and other less than reputable firms that use under handed tactics to gain the Likes they promise. Because of this, Facebook has now begun targeting these businesses with the goal of eliminating them from their practices.

What Makes A Good Like?
Individuals and businesses alike are often tempted to buy Likes in order to increase traffic to their Facebook page which they hope will turn into increased traffic to their web presence and maybe even greater sales. However, in many cases, the type of Likes you can buy simply won’t help your business in the slightest. Facebook has continually stated that acquiring Likes simply by purchasing them won’t help you see an increase in business and, in many cases, can actually hurt your business.

When developing a sound social media presence, you want to ensure that every single person attached to your Facebook page actually wants to be there. Users that choose to subscribe to your Facebook page are more likely to share your stories with their friends as well as participate in the dialog that occurs on your page. They are also more likely to visit your websites and even buy your products simply due to the fact that they chose to Like your page because you offer something they want or need.
Shortcuts Sell You Short
If companies choose to take shortcuts to gain Likes fast, they may find that they see little no gains in their business or participate on their Facebook page or website. This is due mainly because the Likes you gain from these methods are low quality and many people that Like your page may actually have no interest whatsoever in what you have to offer. In many cases, some of the Likes may have even come from hacked accounts whose true owners have no desire to Like your company. When they discover what has happened, this could damage your reputation as they turn to the very service which you are trying to develop to complain about what happened.
Facebook Responding with Lawsuits
In an effort to stop these Like sellers, Facebook is beginning to serve the companies with lawsuits and has had much success in their efforts. Already they have been awarded approximately $2 billion in damages from these companies, making it almost impossible for them to operate and actually make a profit from their less than ethical business practices.

While it may be tempting to spend a little money to boost the Likes on your Facebook page, remember your efforts could be for nothing and actually harm your business more than it will ever help. Likes gained in this matter are often from suspicious accounts or from legitimate accounts that have no real interest in what you offering. Facebook’s response has been effective even if a little slow to materialize, but it is nice to see that Facebook takes page Likes so seriously as they can truly be an asset to any business as they grow. The next time you are tempted to buy Likes for your page, turn your focus instead to creating good content and earning the Likes the old fashioned way. Your business will thank you for your hard work later.

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