hand-226358_640 (1)There is a slow death happening in America; courtesy towards our fellow citizens is going by the wayside. If you asked someone what they thought about this, they would most likely tell you it doesn’t matter. Well, my friend, they’re wrong – courtesy matters very much to us as human beings. It’s why the courteous customer gets better service and why the courteous employee gets noticed by co-workers, customers, and management alike. The courteous person knows something the rest of the rude world doesn’t; they know how to express gratitude and appreciation.

Why Courtesy Matters

Everyone is well aware of the rude, presumptive customer. These people are a real trial to your employees, as nothing satisfies them – ever. They either don’t tip at all, or tip cheaply, regardless of how much of your resources they tie up; they’re unremittingly rude to whoever is waiting on them, and they’re rude to your other customers while they’re there. In short, you’d be just as happy if they never darkened your door again. Why? Because they’re rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. They have no courtesy toward anyone providing them a service.

As humans, we feel the need for appreciation, and for kindness and gratitude as well. When it’s not forthcoming, especially when we’ve been busting our tails to please the customer in question, we feel slighted. If the customer has been rude, we feel angry at being treated so poorly, too. Saying “please” and “thank you” are easy things to do, and used to be taught by every parent to their children. These simple courtesies are not taught much anymore, and it makes the people who do use them stand out in the crowd. Manners are important; everyone appreciates a polite customer or a polite employee.

Show Your Appreciation To Vendors

As a small business owner, you know others are as responsible for your success as you are; the other businesses who work with you allow you to have sharp logos, great websites, and primo business cards. These, in turn, allow you to build a customer base for your product.

Showing appreciation for these companies lets them know they’re doing a good job and you’re grateful for the services they provide. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, either; sending them free samples of your product for all of their employees is a good way to say thanks. A simple thank-you note, written to the person you deal with the most, is very much appreciated, and they will usually share the note with everyone in the company. This touch of appreciation gets you noticed by everyone who works at your vendor, and this is a good thing.

Show Your Appreciation To Customers

Showing your appreciation for your customers builds customer loyalty, and can expand your customer base through referrals from happy customers. Giving steady customers a price discount, or giving a bonus for a referral keeps them happy and coming back to your business. Free samples, birthday messages, priority treatment when they visit your place of business, these are the kinds of things that everyone appreciates.

Say Thank You – Often

Letting your customers know you appreciate their business is the right thing to do, besides being good business sense. Telling your vendors you value them by saying thank you is not just common politeness; it gives them a sense of worth to be appreciated, and it makes them try harder to give satisfaction. Show everyone you do business with they matter to you, and you reinforce a good relationship.

Common courtesy is not common today, but it’s very much appreciated when it’s shown. Remember your Momma, and say “Please” and “Thank You” to everyone you deal with. Being nice is a great way to pay it forward, and it will come back to you in the end.