might think that one time customers, other than the business they brought to you once, are lost causes. Maybe your products and services aren’t designed to bring in repeat customers, or you know that a particular customer is only going to need you once. However, these one-time clients can be just as valuable as any repeat client. Any customer that graces your business with his or her presence is not only a potential sale, but potential word-of-mouth marketing. Since word-of-mouth is not only cheap, but extremely effective, any that you can get is essential. There are a couple of ways to get a customer talking, even if you don’t see them again.

Contact Information

When you have a good interaction with a customer, just because they won’t be coming back in the foreseeable future doesn’t mean they won’t be coming back in some sense of the word. For example, if they like your company for its outstanding consideration of the environment, they might actually consider following your company on Facebook. Even better, they may consider joining an email list of yours and receiving a monthly newsletter about how an individual can start going green. This can get them thinking about you on a regular basis, and if they continue to like what they see, they might even start recommending you without ever returning to the store.

Make Sure You’re Worth Talking About

What makes the experience they have at your particular location unique? What makes them want to talk about you? An outstanding experience is one thing, but a unique one is another. If you own an ice cream shop, how do you distinguish yourself from Baskin Robbins? Maybe you only sell organic ice cream, or you make everything from scratch. Perhaps there is a monthly flavor that is made from local ingredients. Maybe your prices are amazing and your service is quick and reliable, even if the line is out the door (have you considered a line entertainer or two?). Whatever makes you unique is something you should focus on intensely so that you stand out against your competitors.

Lastly, Give Them a Reason to Return

Even if you can’t sell to a customer again, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a reason to come back (and possibly with friends). You may not make another sale off of them, but you can certainly invite them back for a number of reasons. Maybe if they bring a friend, their friend will get a discount, or you could be offering special training classes on something interesting. Whatever it may be, any reason to come back is a good reason, especially if that particular customer liked you and what you do.

You may not win over every customer that comes in your door, and not every customer is going to walk out and boast about your business for you. However, a few voices go a long way, and don’t underestimate what little social media, interaction, and creativity can do you for your business.

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