business-graphics-1428645-mSocial media is addictive. Being able to update yourself on anyone at any time is often too tempting for employees at work. So how do you begin to enforce the idea that this is simply not allowed in the workplace? Start with the two ideas below.

Partner with Employees

Your employees aren't going to automatically want to sell the products your company offers unless they're exceptionally wonderful employees. What's much more likely is that you'll have to partner with them to get products and service sold. See if your employees would like to share information with their Facebook page about a new rewards program that your company is offering if a client signs up in the next week or so. Create very generous incentive programs that will encourage them to share and be aware of all the new products and services that your company has to offer. This will help them use social media in a powerful way that benefits your company and gives them a bit of freedom at work to log on and see what's up with their friends. Maybe they'll even earn a few dollars through your new incentive program, too.

Track Employee Productivity

Employees should all be getting a certain amount of work done every day. If they get that work done, then sometimes they may deserve a break and the ability to hang out on the computer for a few minutes. However, if that work isn’t done and they’re taking advantage of the lack of filters, then you may have an issue with social media overuse. To help counter this, use some productivity tools to track how employees are doing. Some of them will track the amount of time spent on certain websites or windows, and some will even take an occasional screenshot.