1287373_92020872-281x225If you’re thinking you know everything about running a website, think again. There are tons of reasons a website may not be raking in as much business as it should be, and sometimes just thinking you know what you’re doing when you don’t is one of those reasons. It’s okay to make mistakes – the key is to fix them as soon as you find them. Are you making one of the following mistakes on your website?

No Incentive to Order

Why aren’t you calling your visitors to action? Although this doesn’t work for everyone, those who are on the edge about buying something you have to offer may respond to a small incentive very well. Maybe you have a promotional deal at the end of your information page, or maybe you offer a discount when someone signs up for your newsletter. Whatever it is, make sure you make it obvious and that it’s easy to take advantage of.

Less Than Perfect Design

People don’t look at the words on a page first – they look at the colors and the design. It’s not all about looking beautiful, however, it’s about creating the ideal user experience. Your website should be attractive, but it should be easy to navigate and very functional. This will guarantee it continues to convert customers for you. Cookie-cutter websites (that are obvious) and tacky images won’t get you anywhere.

No Links to You

If people don’t know where to look for you online, you’re in trouble. One of the best things about Google is that it has been optimized to look for other websites and blogs that link back to yours. Other sites WILL start linking to yours if you offer good, helpful information such as advice in your blog.