Everyone wants to have a website that people flock to. But the websites that are popular (in a good way) are often sites that are uncomplicated, easy to code, and incredibly simple. These are the kind of websites people expect to see these days, when they’re browsing the internet on a four inch screen while waiting in line for some food. Complicated websites will only drive business away. Instead, follow the tips below to make sure your website appeals to the largest audience possible.

Call-to-Action on Your Homepage

Your homepage is where most people get a first impression of your website. When you don’t design it correctly and present the right information, people will find somewhere else to go, and you’ll lose potential customers. Avoid this by simply ensuring that everything you have to say and want to say is sitting right on the front page of your website, and make sure people know what to do next. If you want potential customers to learn more about you, direct them to your “About Us” page.

Worry Less about Your Logo

It’s true that your logo reflects what your website does, and it’s true that it’s important and many people will recognize it with time. However, when someone visits your website, it’s more important they know what they’re doing there. Don’t worry about making your logo flashy and crazy and gigantic. Worry more about directing your traffic to the right location and telling them what your website is all about. You can always choose to change your logo at a later time after you get more popular.