We all want our employees to be friends. Why? Because it means they’ll work together better and, most likely, will enjoy it along the way. Enjoyment at work is half of what is necessary to keep a company on the path to success. To really see relationships between employees flourish, you’re going to need to do some things on your own. Not sure where to start? Start with the tips below. They can help form a strong company culture starting today.

Have an Activities Calendar with Rewards

Other than just having a calendar with activities outside your door, offer rewards for actually attending the scheduled events. Every time someone attends an event, they get a point. When they reach a certain number of points, maybe they get an afternoon off, an extra vacation day, or movie tickets for a good night out with their spouse. Whatever the prize, make it high value; people will want to participate.

Celebrate Everything

Recognition is something that you should never, ever underestimate. It's what is going to keep your team going when things get really tough. While feedback from the CEO is important, what's even more important is feedback from one another. It means more since you're side-by-side with your coworkers all the time, and it's neat when they recognize your effort. A company by the name of Beryl developed a program called PRIDE (Peers Recognizing Individual Deeds of Excellence). The program is designed to allow coworkers to recognize one another's hard work and devotion to living up to the core values of the company. The company even has quarterly contests and ceremonies for those who have received PRIDE compliments. Beryl is a good example because they go out of their way to award "good behavior". They even celebrate personal successes and events, like sports accomplishments and baby showers.