When you think billionaire, you might think freedom. The ability to do whatever they want whenever they want and the money and organization to fly to Hawaii on a whim is something we all wish we had. But most, if not all, billionaires earned their way to the top, and they didn’t earn it by sitting around and wishing something big would happen to them – they earned it by being productive. Check out the following advice from two big billionaires to see if you, too, can strive for the top.

Don’t Go to Meetings

Mark Cuban, Mavericks owner and Shark Tank extraordinaire, believes that meetings are a complete waste of time. He says that it takes productive time out of everyone’s day and throws everyone off track so they have to regather their thoughts before they can get back to work. Cuban thinks this is ridiculous, and uses email to talk to most of his clients and employees. This also helps with organization; Cuban can always simply recall a conversation when he needs to remember something vital.

Change the Way You Think of Failure

Oprah Winfrey, host of the Oprah Show for over twenty years, has tons of sound and sage advice for any entrepreneur. She believes that working hard is excellent and shows good character, but it’s not the key to success. The key to success is redefining what it personally means to you to fail. Instead of complaining and crying when an idea doesn’t work out, celebrate the success it did bring you. Success can come in many forms, from just plain experience to new connections and goals. Focus on getting through a difficult time and watch for lessons wisely.