Office break-ins happen, and even in this day and age, they aren’t always digital. Sometimes people physically break in to an office, shattered windows and all. While you can’t do anything to prevent these kinds of break-ins, you can at least protect what’s most valuable in case someone does try to take it from you.

Have Quality Insurance

Insurance is incredibly valuable, and since it’s so valuable, it’s important to shop around for exactly what you’re looking for. Insurance will not only provide peace of mind, but it will take the load off when you have to replace anything that was stolen. Make sure the insurance policy you get has reasonable replacement values, and that it covers items that are stolen in transit or even from your team’s personal residences.

Engrave or Microdot Everything

If an item has your name plastered all over it, not only does it make the item harder to trade, but it also lowers its resale value significantly when the criminals try to get cash for your office items. Microdotting can be done to cars and computers alike, and it’s very inexpensive if you choose to do it yourself.

Have Appropriate Alarms and Surveillance

While nothing will guarantee that people won’t decide to steal from you, alarms and cameras will at least discourage people from choosing you as their next victim. Don’t be shy, either – show off that you’re protected, and proudly display any signs that are provided to you by your alarm company. Simple lighting and staff alarm code numbers will further deter anyone considering breaking in.

And Finally – Back Everything Up

You should already have your data backed up daily, if not more often. Disaster recovery is easier when you have dependable off-site backups of all of your data, especially if a criminal decides to take every piece of equipment they possibly can.

Remember, you can’t prevent a break-in – but you can certainly make it as difficult as possible so that your data and your supplies are safe and sound.