When your field gets a new technology, you should keep an eye on it. If you start to lose customers because you aren't using it, it's time to incorporate that into your own products and services.

Don't Stagnate

RIM, the company that made blackberries, know this particular problem firsthand. They started the smartphone craze and they did it well. They had a large audience of loyal followers, and they listened to their every want. There isn't any problem with this - until it causes you to fall behind.

The moment you start placing your core audience over your potential audience is the moment you begin to alienate all of the people that could be coming into your business as loyal customers. Android, Apple, and others all popped up in the market - then RIM should have changed. But they didn't. They kept on doing what they were doing, and they did it for the next four years. Now, they're hardly keeping their heads above water for when Blackberry 10 launches early next year - and they're stuck with it. Their once loyal audience has all moved onto bigger and better things. Your company needs to keep up with the news, and put effort into learning new technologies and systems. You will likely learn a couple of new skills along the way, and you'll be able to apply them to your company so you can continue to thrive.

Consider Each Step

Keeping up with the times doesn’t mean being reckless with your upgrades – but it does mean constantly being aware of what’s going on outside of your company. Figure out the technology that’s coming onto the market, consider it carefully, and see how people react to it. If people start jumping your ship and heading to the one that uses newer technology, step up your game to save your company.

While you want to be careful not to innovate recklessly with every new idea, it's absolutely crucial that you are aware of new technologies that could affect your industry. Applying the right ones at the right times will make your business succeed.