It’s not enough to just have ideas, you need ones that will work for your specific company, and work well. How do you know the right idea when it comes along? Research and current market trends are good places to start, but they aren’t the only things to consider. Read the two tips below, they might help you create the next big thing.

If Everyone Agrees, It’s Been Done Before

If you’re a larger company, or even if you’re a smaller one and everyone pitches in on ideas, it’s likely you have brainstorming meetings now and then. Eventually, someone comes up with an idea no one’s heard of but everyone thinks is absolutely amazing. If everyone agrees an idea is fabulous, it’s likely either that a) someone has done it and it failed miserably or b) someone has done it and owns the very successful copyrights to it. Keep thinking; find ideas that rattle some people.

Innovation Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

If you want your business to succeed, it’s important to ride the waves of current trends that are going on around you and the ones going on around the world as well. Innovation can happen overnight because the foundation for it in business, technology, and other human advancements is constantly changing. Basically this means that those who can accurately predict the future win the prize. Right now, there’s a huge surge of desires for local, green products and local produce. Because of this sudden surge, even places like Wal-Mart are selling green products and local produce. Even though your business may not have the option of making all of your products or ideas trendy, pick one or two and innovate around them. Take your car business and make the focal point recycling everything that comes through the doors, for example.

As excited as you may be about your new idea, note that if everyone around you agrees that it’s a great idea, it may already exist. When you’re looking for the next idea after that, check out the market around you – riding the waves of current trends can help you with your own innovation.