Ideas that have been shoved away into a corner because they were no good at the time do not always have to rot there. Sometimes a bad idea 10 years ago is a fantastic idea now. It might be counterintuitive to most individuals, because imagination is everything about the new here and now, however reviewing an old idea with a fresh eye can revitalize it and turn it into something that can make your company a pretty penny. Here's how you can start adding new life to ideas you've already thought of today.
List and Keep ALL Concepts
Because you or your partners think it's bad, don't ignore an idea. Many excellent ideas have come out of ideas that weren't so good in the first article. With time, effort, and fresh viewpoint, an once shabby concept can come to fruition. While in brainstorming meetings, see to it all of the whiteboards made use of are photographed and then stored online in cloud storage for later use. Scans of the notes during the meeting should also be saved in the same file or folder so that they are directly linked with their picture. Keep all "advice" cards in a scanned folder.
Check out at Your Saved Ideas for later use
In some cases a take another look at is always to stimulate your ability to come up with ideas. You may have gone some time without a great deal of new business opportunity or new services to entice more people to come to your company, and you're searching for something unique to work on. Those ideas can frequently come from old brainstorming sessions. If you're looking for a brand-new name for a product you simply started offering, look over old calling notes for a various job completely. When every year or two-- and sit down to look your old ideas over, Set periodic testimonials-- possibly. This process can help you think of exciting and brand-new things as well as assistance you identify which concepts you can toss and never ever look at again.