zz1130510_old_toolsYou might think you’re doing just fine with screenshots and email. However, did you know there’s a much better way to get your business up and running? And most of the time, it isn’t going to cost you a single penny more than you’re paying right now. Don’t shy away from tools that can help you, like the two below (that are almost free to use).


Even if you don’t like making lists, Xmind can come in handy. If you’d like to organize your thoughts, Xmind can help you do that in intuitive, easy to understand ways. It’s not only free, but it makes mapping your thoughts a cinch. You can even have subpoints and points beyond points that break out into a large web of ideas. This can help you structure your thoughts and free up your mind for different ideas while you map out your old ones.


Other than Skype, there’s no tool that’s meant specifically for sharing your screen. Skype even charges you when there is more than one person sharing your screen, so if there’s more than one person in your group of clients, forget about sharing any sort of map or idea with them for free. Not only can you share your screen with others, but they can share their screen with you, too, at the same time. This will ensure everyone is on the same page all of the time instead of having any complicated issues you can’t solve because you can’t see both screens at the same time.