Customers leave sometimes, and that’s just part of business. And much of the time, customers leave your company for the same reason that you’re up all night worrying about your business: finances. Customers on the high and low end of the income scale worry about everything from food to taxes, and because of such, many people look at their financial situation in a poor manner – which means they’re giving things up they might not have given up a few short years ago. So how do you stop your company from being that company that gets dropped because whomever is using your services can no longer afford them?

Different Payment Options

Even helping people meet their budget needs by simply offering different payment options can make your business thrive. If you only allow one time payments and need all of the money you ask for up front, then maybe you can start offering monthly, interest-free payments instead. Discounts for early payment or cash payments are very helpful as well.

Develop Lower-End Versions of Your Products

Saving someone $30 a month will often help them stick with your company, and offering your customers the same service they have now but without all of the bells and whistles for less can completely change their minds about leaving your company in the first place.

Offer Savings for Particular Packaging Choices

Bundles of products – think about what cable and cell phone companies offer – can convince a wayward client to stick around, too. Even a slightly discounted rate can put a service back into the budget, especially if the customer using it likes what they are being offered. It may not save the customer that much, but making them feel like they are justified in spending the extra money is important.

In the end, the biggest thing you can do for your clients is simply offer them something they can’t refuse: savings.

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