Any office, regardless of size or niche, likes to minimize costs and maximize profits. Of course, this is even truer for a small business that sometimes can’t even pay its employees on time. Even small savings are appreciated within small businesses, especially when saving money is as easy as following a few steps. Printing costs are often a huge burden on many companies because of the sheer amount of information that has to be printed and distributed in a single day. However, there are a few ways you can start saving money today by simply following the tips below.

Double-Sided Printing

Printer paper is probably the least expensive part of printing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t save 50% of those costs by printing double-sided. $10 per ream really does add up over six or eight months, especially if your business is brand new and the difference between success and failure in any given month is $150. Also, you’re doing the environment a huge favor.

Forget Color Ink

Although you should have a color printer in your office for special circumstances, most of the time you do not need to print in color and you should not allow your employees to do so, either. Some companies offer refilled blank ink cartridges that can be purchased at a fraction of their original retail price, and black ink averages at 40% cheaper than color ink as well.

Do Some of Your Work Paperless

Sometimes printing is necessary, but some things can also be done paperlessly. With the advent of Cloud storage and real-time document editing techniques, many aspects of a company can be run strictly over the Internet. Other than things that must be legally printed such as paystubs and paychecks, most everything can be stored on the Internet. In fact, so much of a business can be conducted online now that some companies can be managed completely online by people in different cities.

Saving money on printing can save you tons every year, and because we cannot simply purge our offices of printing all together, a few changes here and there can make a gigantic difference.

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