zzz1287061_businessman_in_the_office_1Don’t think you’re alone in your business venture, even if you’re the only employee. People have come before you for many years now, and some of them have been pretty inventive, which means you have a whole slew of intelligence to draw from. Some of this intelligence comes in the form of handy business tools that you can use, and here are a few of them.


If you have a couple of bucks, eLance is a powerful addition for your toolset. You can form an entire team of quality contractors when you choose the right applicants from the pile that applies for your listings. ELance is especially powerful at outsourcing jobs to pretty decent applicants.


If you have some good ideas, but you’re not sure how to solve the problems associated with those ideas, Innocentive is here for you. Innocentive is mostly a crowdsourcing website, but there’s a lot of brain power there that can solve the issues you’re dealing with. Your challenge can anything to do with any idea you have, too, even social or scientific issues.


This is a great place to start when you have absolutely no idea how to design a website. This place specializes in handing you resources designed to help you get started in the right direction. Most of their resources are free, including their website design tools, but some of the resources you do have to put a little bit of money out for.