ID-10089855Congrats! You’ve finally made the leap and become the digital business you should have become a long time ago.  But you want to make sure your intro into the digital world is a quality one. You’re not looking for substandard practices, but you are looking for a website that makes people want to stick around. Not sure how to achieve that? Read on.

Link Your Content to Other Content on Your Website

For people who don't like to navigate drop-down menus, providing links can make the difference between a sale and someone walking away from your website. Providing links on your main page as well as drop-down menus can convince someone to buy something as they scroll down your front page. After all, navigational bars don't follow someone as they scroll down a page - but if you've already laid a foundation of links on your front page, and a visitor finds something that intrigues them, they don't have to do anything but click the link to find out more.

Where is Your Search Tool?

Your search tool should not only be simple, it should be easy to find. There's no need to hide it in a drop-down menu or make a user go to a different page to search. Nowadays, search bars can be included right in the header of front pages. When a visitor already knows what they want and can just type it into the search bar to find it, they're more likely to stick around and explore your services. Easy-to-find search bars provide a cleaner, faster experience for your shoppers. Something as small as a search toolbar can convince a customer to recommend your site to others because of how easy it was to find what they were looking for.