1269437_laptop_and_cellphoneWhy are you putting off all of those things you know you could accomplish if you just put your mind to them? Do you really want to wait until the New Year to do great things with your company or personal life? Instead of waiting until a particular day to get yourself motivated, here are a few ideas that can get you on the right track today instead of tomorrow.

Okay, So Maybe That Wasn’t So Bad”

The hardest thing to conquer is fear of the unknown. If you make a certain move, will it destroy all you’ve worked for? What if you make the opposite move – will that be the move that changes everything? Honestly, nothing – and we mean nothing – is nearly as scary as it appears from the beginning. Not to mention, it’s very, very exciting to be able to find the strength to overcome such a large fear. “Wow, I pet that neighbor’s scary dog!” triggers such an emotional feeling that we would all benefit from feeling it more often.

I Ruined Everything, and It’s All My Fault”

People make mistakes, plain and simple. This shouldn’t be the reason you don’t actually do something. If you make a mistake and then leave it, you might have a bit of trouble actually conquering that particular hump in your business. Instead, if you tackle it and admit that you did something wrong, you’re empowering yourself to do something big.

I Finally Got Something Done!”

It’s excellent that you have goals, ideas, and plans. But none of that matters unless you actually do something with all of that inspiration. Pick a plan or a goal and get started on it, even if all you do is make a list of what needs to be done starting tomorrow.