1029092_city_corporate_growthWhen you’re working on entering the Internet market, one of the first things you may notice is that it’s a difficult market to be in. If you start out online and have nothing to your name, not even a reference, keeping up with what’s going on is more important than ever. Here are two things to keep in mind when hopping into the Internet market.

New and Exciting is Just Ordinary Now

Customers no longer stand by and smile at the things they already expect out of a company, even if it's new to your particular small business. Instead, they'll say, "oh, we've seen this before - at this company. What else is new?" Consumer expectations are only getting higher, and things that once put people in awe (like the Blackberry) are no longer as amazing as they once were. WiFi on a plane? Unheard of, because of the signal interruption that could happen. Now, people have started to expect that their airline carry it, even if it costs a buck or two. Businesses have to really woo customers, and the bar is set high. Put some backbone into it, and make it difficult for them to say no to you (hint: this does not mean dropping your prices so low that you hardly make a profit).

Newspaper Inserts have Gone Digital

Wanderful, a company made up of 12 major newspaper companies, is putting together a new website for circulars that is targeted at the tablet market. The site claims that it will make shopping more social, fun, and all about discovering new things. If you haven't heard of this service yet, it might be a good idea to head on over and look to see if it may be able to help your company succeed. Getting an ad in at Wanderful early may give your business a headstart.