388590_waterman_ball_penAre you looking for someone to manage your social media for you? Remember that, when hiring someone to manage your social media, you’re hiring someone to manage your reputation as well. Your reputation and your Internet presence are very important, especially if you don’t have a physical location for people to visit and enjoy. So handing the reins of your social media over to someone you don’t know anything about can be incredibly detrimental if you’re not careful. Here are three things to consider and ask of your candidate during your interview.

How Do You Measure Your Results?

Most social media experts know that to actually find success, you have to go beyond the standard likes, fans, and followers. You even have to go beyond Facebook Insights, and much of the time you have to use your own tools to make sure that the campaigns you run are successful. Your social media manager candidate should know all about re-tweet rates, EdgeRank, and Google Analytics. They should even use some of these tools to find success when running social media campaigns.

What Kind of Social Media Campaigns Will You Run for My Business?

Of course, a real expert would not show all of their cards for free, but they should be able to discuss some of their strategies and how they would develop content for you and only you. How would they make things happen internally? How would they get reactions on Twitter and Facebook? What kind of hashtag would they attempt to trend?

What Kind of Social Media is Their Specialty?

What kind of social media do they do best? People sometimes have a weakness in one or two of the main social media sites because they’ve focused the majority of their efforts on a different website. If you’re interested in sparking interest in Pinterest but they specialize in Twitter, it may be a good idea to choose a different candidate.