You want to be an expert in your niche; really, that should be every business owner’s goal. You want to be a leading voice in your industry so that you’re set apart from everyone else, and not only do other companies look up to you, but potential customers do, too. For example, there are a number of popular bloggers that everyone waits to see information from so they can then follow their lead. These kinds of people are those who can claim they are experts and charge a premium for their quality, dependable services. Here are a few ways to stick out in the crowd – in a good way.

Have a Blog

If you don’t have a blog, then what are you waiting for? The usefulness of having and maintaining a blog has been proven time and time again. Write about whatever strikes your fancy, even if it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your niche. If you want to write about Batman, write something about what Batman would do if he was a CEO of a company (and actually, he was). Things that are written outside the box are often more appreciated than the same old thing day in and day out that people are used to.

Choose a Strong Voice

When writing, you have to consider you want to sound. Do you want to sound wacky, crazy, cute, or formal? Make sure you choose a voice well and remember that you should stick to it. Just because someone doesn’t like it or thinks your choice was a bad one doesn’t mean that the majority of people won’t appreciate it. If you’re doing something right, people will eventually need you, regardless of how you sound via text.

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