Some people are truly busy, and they do all kinds of crazy things all day long and hardly have time to eat. These kinds of people are often those you see with three kids and two jobs without a significant other to help them out. Then, however, there are lots of people who are ‘fake busy’ – these people are those who take frequent cat naps during the day and stretch their hours until the sun goes down so they’ll look good in front of the boss.

If You’re Fake Busy…

Fake-busy people often put things off until the last moment, and it can be difficult to keep up with everything they have to do by that time, especially if an important project comes up and none of the other projects have been finished. This can be an exhausting life at times, and there’s no point in the long run. If you’re fake busy, consider stepping back from the situation and figuring out what you actually have to do to catch up with all of your tasks. Take the time to organize a list and take it one step at a time. Don’t worry about impressing your boss with how many hours you manage to sneak into a day – instead, impress them with the ability to present quality work on time.

If You’re Crazy Busy…

Consider reclaiming your weekends. Crazy busy people often forget that they exist, and this can cause huge issues when it comes to “you-time.” If you don’t take a moment out of work, kids, and volunteer work, it’s likely that you’ll burnout – and burnout never leads to anything good. Even if you can’t take the whole weekend to yourself, take a Sunday night or Saturday morning and do something for you. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

photo credit:  Beverly R.

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