Not all clients who say these things are going to be hard to work with, but keep your guard up just in case.

Nothing's Hard About What You're Doing

This is usually untrue, and actually means that they don't see the value in the service you provide. After all, why would you be successful if whatever you offer isn't useful to other people? It's also kind of disrespectful, and there's very little room to salvage the relationship after they've offered you such an insult. Occasionally, you can educate them and they will find respect for you, however. It's just uncommon. You are better off leaving clients like this to find someone else for their needed services.

I'm Good for the Money

This is one of the hardest sentences to deny, because it's tempting to take a job when there is a promise of money later on. But can you really trust them? Unless they have a good track record with you or someone you know, it's unlikely you should accept their offer. Even if they are your best friend or a family member, you may still not want to trust them. Tell this kind of potential client that, though you will accept a smaller deposit, that you absolutely have to have one. There are simply no exceptions. Making this absolutely clear will help establish you as someone who does good business with good people.

They Have to Have Something NOW

When they have to have something now, and they told you they needed it in a week, this isn't usually all that true. True emergencies are very rare in business today. What's really going to happen if they have to wait another day for a copywrite? The chances are that not much will happen at all, actually. Rather than it actually being an emergency, usually it reveals a lack of planning on the part of your client. We've all been there, so it's not the end of the world. But don't worry about it too much.