Most people assume that marketing is a one way road. You market to a particular segment, make a promotional offer, and hope they choose you. Or, you market to the same niche and hope they choose your price. Either way, you might make some sales, but you’re looking at lower profits than you deserve. The secret to high profits has to do with eliminating price as a factor and focus on the uniqueness factor instead.

Instead of trying to get your client to choose you, choose them instead. You need to know who you want to work with and then use your unique factor and exceptional ability to do business to explain why your price is where it is. Then, not only will you have a quality customer, you’ll have a profit you can be proud of.

When we say ‘choose your clients,’ we don’t mean that you should make a list of client names and hunt after them like they’re deer. What we mean is think about the idea of your perfect client. What kind of person do you want to work with? Where do you want them to be in their businesses? How much experience should they have? Thinking about gaining clients this way will help you find only the clients that will appreciate your unique approach to your niche and understand why you charge what you charge.

Find an unmet need, get your demographics together, and figure out a behavior that will bring in your hottest prospect.

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