Many of us have problems with managing our time. We’d rather procrastinate something we don’t want to do to the last moment than save ourselves some stress. It’s part of being human, but it’s part of being a self-disciplined employee to overcome and rise above the want to do nothing. When you need a little help to get yourself started in a more productive direction, read the following two tips and see if they can provide you with the knowledge you need.

Make Your Life Simple

Simplicity is something we should all strive for, but many of us seem to be striving for the opposite. We want to let ourselves be absorbed with the gadgets and applications we find interesting. The more gadgets and applications we use, the less we really do. Pick your tools wisely, and only pick them if they add real value to your life. Then turn off, sell, unsubscribe from the rest. Nobody really needs to be alerted when they have a new friend request on Facebook, but you may need a built-in calendar to keep track of your life.

Organize and Streamline

There are so many things we do over and over and over again, every month, every week, every year. Instead of allowing yourself to repeat the same task each and every time you need to do it, you are better off choosing to streamline all of the processes you know are going to come up every year. Put all of your bills, including your rent, on automatic pay. You can either use a debit account, or you can pile all of the bills onto a credit card that’s automatically paid at the end of the month. Use a little extra time creating an FAQ so you don’t have to continually answer questions you see a lot about your business. Streamline and organize so you can save time in the long run.