Looking for ways to be more productive? The key is in enjoying your job, and the key to enjoying your job has everything to do with your attitude. If you have a crummy attitude, it’s likely you won’t be a very good employee and you won’t really get much done. If your attitude is more on the positive side, even when things are difficult, you’ll find that you’ll be a much better worker. Check out the tips below to start transforming your outlook on work.

Get Important Stuff Out of the Way

The important stuff you have to do every day is usually always the least interesting. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get it done. One of the reasons you're so busy is probably because you're delaying the inevitable work you have to do. In fact, 20% of the work you need to get done will take care of some 80% of the burden you have for the day. So get that tough and less exciting fifth of your work done before moving on to other things. You'll get more done and see more productivity in your day.

Smile, Even When It's Hard

If you've done anything to spice up your morning mood, it's likely you probably already feel like smiling. That's part of preparing for a good day! Even if you didn't do anything to make your day great, or your plan didn't work, smile anyway. Research has shown historically that smiling while you don't feel like smiling will make you feel genuinely brighter and happier on the inside, which, of course, will make you want to smile on the outside. Smiling even reduces stress significantly, even when you're faking it. So instead of worrying about how pretty you think your smile is or if people are going to think you're grimacing. Smile anyway! You can work on the details later on.