Apple has been pursuing Samsung for several patent infringements in the past few weeks, and now the iPad maker has upped the ante: they now demand that Samsung fork over some $2.5 billion in damages caused by patent infringement.

Apple says that this is only the latest figure, and as the court case drags on, they only expect the number to rise. The amount is based on per-unit royalties that Apple believes Samsung owes them due to intellectual property theft. Apple calculated that for every device sold with their patented technology installed, Samsung owes them $2.02 – and this calculation only covers “overscroll bounce”. Overscroll bounce alerts users when they have reached the bottom of a page by bouncing slightly towards the top.

Yes another royalty of $3.10 covers “scrolling API”, a technology that has to do frames on a screen, and another $2.02 covers “tap to zoom and navigate,” technology that Apple introduced on the first version of the iPhone. In addition, the company is asking for a $24 royalty per unit sold for “design patents or trade dress rights”.

Apple designed their royalties to cover damages caused by both design and technology, with design being the bulk of the cost.

Both companies have had courts side with them in particular cases. Apple filed a lawsuit in California stating that the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy phone both copied the “look and feel” of the iPad and iPhone, and was then ordered by a court last week to run advertisements on TV in the UK to say that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. Still, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been banned in Germany with a push towards banning it in the entire European Union.

Many judges continue to attempt to form a truce between the two companies, notably Judge Lucy Koh, but the companies continue to wage war against one another. A trial date has been set for July 30th in the San Jose, CA.