Firefox’s new update not only brought many new tweaks to their new update of their browser, it brought one critical feature that many users have been asking for: secure web searching.

Now when you search Google from Firefox, your web search maintains HTTPS levels of security instead of the regular HTTP levels. This means that the only soul that will know what you search for is you. This is a particularly useful feature when browsing the Internet on public networks; no one will be able to intercept your searches and use them for their own purposes.

Currently, the only search engine Firefox has applied this to is Google, but Mozilla indicated on their blog last Friday that they will continue to expand HTTPS to all search engines currently available.

Among other design updates, the new version has a small tweak that makes the lock icon – which verifies that a webpage is completely secure – more visible in your URL bar.

OS X now gets full-screen support, and all versions of the web browser will now autocomplete URLs. Firefox has also been redesigned to support more hardware APIs. For example, Wake Lock will now prevent your screen saver from interrupting your game, and Pointer Lock will allow for excellent in-browser control over a mouse, which will be very useful for first-person shooters.

Photo Credit: Mozilla FireFox