Verizon Wireless has been pounding the metaphorical pavement when it comes to fully launching their new 4G LTE network. Today alone, the company has expanded into 46 new markets with another 22 planned for tomorrow, making the running total a smidgen over 300.

The lightning quick roll-out has kept Verizon at the top. Consumers are asking for faster, sleeker mobile device networks, and though Verizon was not the first to comply, they are the quickest company to spread. Many companies still cannot say that their 4G is in most of the areas that they cover, so this has been a big selling point for Verizon over the past few weeks. Even rivals such as AT&T can only talk about their 4G in terms of HSPA+, which is a much slower version of Verizon’s 4G LTE.

Verizon has definitely lost popularity lately, as its new family plans have killed off unlimited data plans entirely. Prices are rising, and the average phone bill is predicted to cost an extra $30 a month for a family of 4, even without data plans. This hasn’t exactly wowed its current or prospective market.

Verizon is still growing strong, however, because of their perceived superiority in quality and customer service. They are the first carrier to move to LTE, leaving all other carriers in the dust. No other company says they’re even as far as the final approval of switching to LTE completely.

Verizon plans to have 400 markets covered by the end of the year, but spectators think that the number might be as high as 600. AT&T announced last week that they had reached 39 markets with their 4G LTE.

Panama City, Blackfoot, Columbus, Jacksonville and Ashland are just a few of the cities that received 4G LTE yesterday.