Just because you don't run an art studio or creative writing guild doesn't mean creativity doesn't have a place in your office. Having a creative environment can not only bring more ideas to the table from your current employees, it can bring new, exciting talent on board. If your office doesn't have a creative, open-minded feel, then it is likely your employees will fall short of their potential. New employees may not be of the quality you would expect if you had put some effort into creating the right office environment. Other than taking the motivational posters off the wall and painting the walls a different color than white, what can you do to bring spirit to your office?

Get Creative with Naming

Do you have rooms and offices called “Office 1” and “Meeting Room”? A little thing like changing them to more interesting names can create an environment that welcomes a more free spirit. For example, think about naming your meeting rooms after a set of something, like the planets or after famous movies or actors. Let your employees name their cubicles after famous places, like the “Bat Cave” or “Sunset Boulevard”. Just a little encouragement like a small reward for the best name can bring more fresh ideas and more motivated workers to the table.

Have a Comfortable Lounging Area

Especially if your business is just starting up, your employees may have to work long hours to get everything off the ground. This can be exceedingly difficult to do if there isn't a nice break area to take a breather and, possibly, a short nap. You don't have to stick to hard chairs and a coffee maker. You can get some nice, comfy couches, a flat screen TV, and some pillows to put on the sofa. That way, your employees have just a moment to recuperate before heading back into their long work days, and can think about something other than work to refocus themselves.

Host Uniting Office Activities

To show your gratitude for all of the hard work your employees do, host some fun activities so office mates can get to know one another better and enjoy themselves as well. For example, a barbeque and a pool always makes for a very fun activity in the summer, and it gives people the chance to relate on a different level. That way, when they come back to work the next day, they'll have a better synergy and can help each other and combine brain power to make a more successful and creative workplace.