Evernote is a popular program that is Web-based. Basically, it serves as an online notebook where just about anything can be captured, from notes to photos and word files. But Evernote doesn't end at the base application: it can be expanded through “tools,” or applications that can be added on for ease of use. Evernote is also useable through all platforms, including smartphones and tablets. Though Evernote is perfect for just about anybody just the way it is, you can make it even better with a couple of additions to help your productivity at work – and in life.

Voice2Note. This impressive little program actually allows you to call another Voice2Note number – this is an Evernote exclusive, and you will have to have Evernote to receive messages from Voice2Note – that is then send off behind the scenes to receive a transcription. The program is rumored to use both robotic translators and human translators, and as soon as the transcription is done, it is put in your notebook.

ScanBizCards. When you're on the go or you just don't have the organizational tools you need to keep all of your business cards in order, Evernote can do it for you. This neat program allows you to scan business cards and the program will do all the extracting for you so you can manage your cards with less hassle.

CallNote. This application will record Skype calls, personal and meetings, and store it in your notebook in Evernote. This is especially handy if a lot of information is being tossed around and you will need to review it later.

MindJet. This program can help with people who are visual thinkers. You can draw thought maps and bubbles and once you save them, they get filed into your notebook on Evernote. You can edit them whenever you'd like to add or change an idea.

And for fun: CarLocator. When you're late for that meeting and you went to the mall with your kids and don't remember where you parked your car, CarLocator can help. If you have both the Android application for CarLocator and the Evernote plugin, you can located you care anywhere its been parked.

Plugins and applications don't make or break your business life, but they can certainly make organizing your life much easier, especially when you have a ton of things going on and you need a little help from an electronic personal assistant. Also know that Evernote has at least a hundred more helpful applications for every day use so checking it out may not be such a bad idea.